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Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Very good quality sound, with minimal weight,
Excellent quality that lets you manage your phone calls and listen to music on the go.

It fits comfortably and firmly in your ear and you can receive or receive phone calls without holding the phone in your hands and without the presence of annoying cables!

At the same time you can listen to the songs stored on your mobile phone!

Ideal for professionals who talk on their cell phone constantly, as well as for drivers who need to have their hands free while driving.

Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and smartphones.


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Price €1.99
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Unique Pop Socket for support, with an amazing look in three shades!
It sticks with an adhesive film to the back of your device and offers extra protection against falls.

Compatible with all devices and suitable for all surfaces!


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Price €20.00
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Wireless speaker in a modern design.

-Play USB/ TF card into the MP3 audio file.
- External audio input.
-External power charging interface.
-FM auto scan radio.
-LED digital display.
-Speaker with wireless system.

Technical specifications
- Input DC-5V
-Built-in BL-5B battery.
-Frequency response 150-18000Hz.
-Power output RMS 3w = thd10%.
-FM 87MHz-108MHz.


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Price €20.00
Availability: 3 In Stock

Wireless speaker in a modern design.

-Can play music from Bluetooth
(can answer phone call)
-Can directly play music from USB disks & TF card.
-Can directly play music from all kinds of audio devices through Line-In cable.
-Built in FM radio.
-With External BL-5C(Mobile Battery) alot which can recharge BL-5C Lithium battery directly inside the unit.
-Battery Standby:5 hours.

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